REBEL WITH A CAUSE; Gee.20.Birmingham/Nottingham. Idealist.StyleAddict.
Acting in completely erratic and inappropriate ways.
'Come as you are, as you were, as i want you to be.'
Be creative. Be passionate. Be ambitious. Be loyal. Be Diverse. Be spontaneous. Be happy.

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† Meow † † Meow † † Meow †

To the person who keeps sending me anonymous hate. You clearly have issues that you need to work on. You are clearly in love with one of the people you always refer to. CLEARLY they will never feel the same about you.  Your pathetic attempts to get to me are REALLY pointless. This picture you’ve conjured up in your head about me is genuinely hilarious.  I get on really well with the majority of people i meet.  I literally dislike a very small amount of people I know and that is only because they have done something to directly try and hurt me.   Aside from that I know I am a nice person.  I wonder if you could say the same, considering you hide behind your keyboard ANONYMOUSLY giving hatred, I doubt you could.

I have taken anonymous off now purely because your points are to be quite frank, ridiculously boring.  Message me now, I fucking dare you.

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Kurt Cobains’ confessions


Kurt Cobains’ confessions

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